The goal of this experiment is to glimpse into the seemingly mysterious and methodical ways that algorithms shape our experience online. I’m hopeful that my findings will allow me to inform others about how their own online activity is being used to feed them content.

  • Jordan Kahn

Day 4: 10/12/18

I've been unable to find the time to do another entry the past few days, but nevertheless, I picked back up right where I left off.

Per usual, I began with the conservative profile. I began with the usual websites (Fox News, Info Wars etc.) and decided to add a new one, The Daily Caller, which is an online right-wing news source I also thought it would be a good idea to look up the corresponding candidates for the upcoming Illinois governor race.

Afterwards I took to Twitter. Immediately I discovered that my number of followers had went down by one.

It seems as if the verified Fox 35 Orlando account unfollowed me. I have no idea why the unfollowed me specifically, as they are following hundreds of thousands of people. I followed a few more conservative accounts while also retweeting and liking some of the posts on my feed.

Next, I opened the liberal profile. I repeated the same process as above including the research on the governor's race. I also noticed that the ads I'm receiving still seem to be pretty unbiased and mundane on both profiles

When I opened Twitter, I noticed that I had actually gained a follower.

Upon further inspection, it appears as if this account if for some photographer and has no political affiliation attached to it. He's also following over 200,000 other accounts, but I still have no idea how he found me since I've still posted no original content.

After following a few more accounts, and liking and retweeting some posts, I was out of time. I feel like I'm not getting many remarkable results so far, so I'm just going to stay the course and see what happens at the end.

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